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About Us

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Guided Visions Support Services, LLC provides social emotional wellness support to children, teens, and families. Guided Visions Support Services inspires children, teens and families to create a vision for their lives, empowers them with skills and knowledge to succeed, and provides an opportunity to connect within a supportive community. Our services provide a continuation of care for children, teens and families within their homes and communities. 

Meet The


Patrice B. Douglas, LMSW

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I have dedicated my life to reaching the unreached, teaching those deemed unteachable, and guiding those who have yet to find their way. With a comprehensive background providing psychotherapy to children, teens, and families, my clinical training is used to inform my practice. I have provided psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, and families within various populations and settings in New York.

Social Worker, Therapist, Change Agent, Advocate.

These services include intensive home based therapy, educational related support services for students in grades K-12 within the public school system and psychotherapy.  I received my Master’s in Social Work from Adelphi University in the advanced standing program and am a Licensed Social Worker in New York. I am passionate about providing services to children and teens as it greatly impacts their transition into adulthood.

The process of finding support for your child can feel overwhelming and exhausting. I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be and that you are not alone! You may have noticed that as children get older, they present with different needs. Is your child struggling with self management/ self awareness skills? Are they having difficulty connecting with peers/ adults? Does your child need support with behavior management? Through utilizing the strengths of every individual, Guided Visions Support Services reaches, teaches, and guides youth as they strengthen their social emotional wellness.

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